Selling online? New rule – the Omnibus Directive – might affect you. Don’t risk trouble, let’s dive in!

Online shopping’s great, right? But now there’s a new rule, the Omnibus Directive. Its goal is simple: to ensure price honesty online, especially for European shops offering discounts.

Ignoring this rule could mean big problems like warnings, lawsuits, and hefty fines. Think 4% of your annual income, or 2 million euros!

Stay tuned, as we explore the Omnibus Directive in detail, its benefits for shoppers and compliance for sellers. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it easy to understand for all!

A Simple Example:

Imagine a company called Company A. It makes 50 million euros every year and earns a profit of 10% (5 million euros). If this company does not follow the Omnibus Directive, it could face a fine. The fine would be 4% of its annual revenue, which is 2 million euros (50 million * 0.04).

This fine is a big deal because it must be paid from the company’s profit. In this example, the 2 million euro fine takes away 40% of the company’s yearly profit (2 million / 5 million). This could hurt the company’s money situation, future plans, and investments.

If a company’s revenue information is not known, the minimum fine of 2 million euros still applies. For a smaller company with less money and profit, this fine could be even more harmful. It could take away all their profit or even cause a loss.

In the end, these fines are a big deal because they are based on revenue but must be paid from profit. The examples show the possible effects on a company’s money situation and growth, highlighting the importance of following the Omnibus Directive.

Why Every Online Shop Should Care About the Omnibus Directive

Shocking fact – only about 1-3% of online shops are fully compliant. This means many customers are winning in court, costing shops money. Some even believe half of the shops might face a fine in the next year.

But fear not – we’ve seen this coming, thanks to our eCommerce customers.

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Why the Omnibus Directive is a Win-Win

The Omnibus Directive isn’t just great for shoppers; it’s a boost for online shops too! Here’s why:

So, when online shops follow the Omnibus Directive, it’s like putting on a superhero cape. They help shoppers feel safe, and they help the whole online shopping world grow. That’s a true win-win!


How Big Fines Make Online Shops Play Nice

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You might wonder how the ‘money police’ (that’s what we’ll call the people who give out fines) decide how much a shop has to pay when they break the rules. It’s all about fairness!

When a shop breaks the rules, the money police look at a few things:

  1. How bad was the rule-breaking? Did it go on for a long time?
  2. What did the shop do to fix their mistake and help their customers?
  3. Has the shop broken rules before?
  4. Did the shop make extra money because they broke the rules?
  5. Have other shops been fined for the same thing in different countries?
  6. Are there other things that make the rule-breaking better or worse?

Sometimes, a shop might break rules from the Omnibus Directive and another set of rules called the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD). That’s like breaking two sets of rules at the same time, which can lead to a BIG fine.

The money police can ask a shop to pay up to 4% of the money they made in a year. If they don’t know how much money the shop made, they can ask for at least 2 million euros. That’s a lot of money!

These big fines are there to remind shops how important it is to follow the rules. When shops play nice and treat customers fairly, everyone wins!

Up next: Some helpful tips for shops to follow the rules.


Playing by the Rules: Tips for Online Shops

Alright, online shops, listen up! Here’s how you can make sure you’re playing by the Omnibus Directive rules:

The Truth about Sales and Discounts

Now, there’s a special rule in the Omnibus Directive called Article 6a. This rule says that shops must be totally honest about price drops. No pretending the price was higher before or lying about how much you save. This helps us, the customers, know exactly how much we’re saving.

So, Who Needs to Play by These Rules?”

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The rules apply to businesses selling physical goods but not services or digital content. It is irrelevant whether they sell in stores or online, or if they are based inside or outside Europe. If they sell to customers in Europe, they must comply with these rules.

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Cronum: Price Changes – The Ideal App for Large and Professional Shops

Announcing Discounts: What Businesses Need to Do

When a shop puts up a ‘Sale’ sign, there are certain rules they have to follow:

But not all deals follow these rules. For example:

“Incremental discounts” motivate customers to purchase more items or make repeated purchases by gradually increasing the discount as they buy more items or over time.

Some Are Off the Hook: Who Doesn’t Need to Follow These Rules?

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Websites that help businesses sell stuff or show prices from different stores don’t have to follow these rules. Also, “cash-back” promotions, where another company promises to give you back some of the money you spent, don’t need to stick to the rules either.

What’s OK and What’s Not OK with Discounts:

Additional crucial information:

Also, there’s another big rule book called the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD). It covers things like businesses telling lies about how good their prices are. They’re allowed to compare their prices with other stores or the manufacturer’s suggested price, but the UCPD regulates this.”

In simpler terms: Everyone’s got to play fair in the playground of shopping, and there are special rule books to make sure of that!


Black Friday “Discount” Tactics Under Scrutiny

Did you know that in some cases, products were cheaper at the beginning of November than on Black Friday? Dealavo’s analysis found this to be true for 47% of toys! With the Omnibus Directive, retailers must now use the lowest price from the last 30 days for a product to calculate discounts. This will prevent customer deception and promote transparency. Both consumers and sellers can benefit from these protective measures.

Key points:

Authentic Customer Reviews are Essential

As a retailer, you must ensure that product reviews on your website come from customers who have actually used or purchased the product. Fake reviews and paid testimonials are no longer allowed, so you must guarantee the authenticity of your reviews.

Key points:

New Information Obligations for Sellers

Sellers must now indicate whether they are a business or private individual on sales platforms. This is important because EU regulations do not apply to private individuals, and customers need to be aware of this fact.

Key points:

The Big Finish

Is this new big rule book, the Omnibus Directive, like a cool breeze for shopping in Europe? We’ll have to wait and see, but it might make online shopping clearer and more trustworthy.

Both online shops and customers really need to pay attention to the Omnibus Directive. Shops should stick to the rules to avoid trouble and keep customers trusting them. By understanding how these rules help shoppers and working together to follow them, shops and customers can make online shopping safer and more reliable.”

In easier words: This new rule book could be a game-changer. If everyone plays fair, shopping online can be a win-win for everyone!


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