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Easy Emoji reviews for your Shopify Store

Embed emoji reviews seamlessly into your shop’s aesthetics. Manage reviews, create discount coups, and more!

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Modern and Relatable

For younger audiences who’ve grown up in the era of smartphones and social media, emojis are a familiar and integral part of their digital communication. Using emojis can make a brand appear more current and in tune with the preferences of younger consumers.

Expressive and Intuitive

Emojis offer a visual representation that can sometimes convey emotions more effectively than stars. For example, a happy face or heart emoji may feel more genuine and immediate in expressing satisfaction than a five-star rating.
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Consistent with Social Media Practices

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have popularized the use of emojis in comments and reactions. Using emojis for reviews aligns well with this established online behavior, making it more intuitive for users.

Diverse Range of Feedback

While star ratings are limited in their scale (usually 1-5), emojis can offer a broader spectrum of emotions, from ecstatic and happy to indifferent or sad, allowing for more nuanced feedback.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Emojis are colorful and engaging, which can make a review section stand out and appear more visually appealing compared to the monochrome star ratings.

Instant Recognition

Given the ubiquity of emojis in digital communication, they can often be recognized and processed faster by the brain, especially for younger audiences accustomed to their use.
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Aligns with Social Media Marketing

For stores that primarily advertise on social media, using emojis can create a cohesive brand experience, as the review system mirrors the emoji-centric interactions on platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

The Importance of Reviews for Online Stores

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Building Trust

Customers are more inclined to trust online stores and products that have been positively reviewed by other shoppers. Positive reviews can mitigate a potential buyer’s uncertainty by showing them that others have had a favorable experience with the product or store.
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Improved Conversion Rates

A high percentage of positive reviews can increase the likelihood of a visitor becoming a buyer. Studies have shown that products with reviews significantly outperform those without in terms of conversion rates.
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SEO Benefits

User-generated content, such as product reviews, can enhance search engine optimization (SEO). This added content can help boost a product’s visibility in search results.
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Valuable Feedback

Reviews also provide merchants with valuable feedback about their products and services. For instance, negative reviews might highlight areas that need improvement.
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Social Proof

People tend to follow the behavior of the masses. When they see many others have purchased and favorably reviewed a product, they are more likely to follow suit.
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Increased Average Order Values

Some studies have suggested that customers tend to spend more when they gain confidence in an online store through positive reviews and recommendations.

App reviews

Love this app! Read More
“Just added to my sneaker shop and da customers luv using emojis instead of boring stars. So much cooler. Keep it up!”

– Tom, a sneakerhead and proud dad of 2

Pretty good so far! Read More
“Been using this for my hand-made jewelry store. Makes reviews fun. Few glitches but nothing biggie. Tnx! 💍”

– Maria, crafting from Puerto Rico

A game-changer! Read More
“I’ve run a vintage clothing store for years. This is exactly the fresh touch I needed. Young folks really dig the emoji thing!”

– Diane, passionate about 80s fashion

It’s okay-ish. Read More
“Cool idea but needs some tweaks imho. The emojis are fab tho. Still, givin’ it a try for my online bookstore.”

– Raj, literature lover from Mumbai

– Refreshing app! Read More
“As a wedding planner, I have a store for bridal accesories. Brides love leaving cute emoji reviews after their big day. So unique!”

– Isabella, a romantic at heart

– Top stuff! Read More
“I sell tech gadgets. Thought emojis might be too casual, but nah, customers really engage more. Btw, love the support team’s help.”

– Dave, tech geek and single dad

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Customizable Design

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Expansive Emoji Range

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Full Configuration Control

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Verified & Unverified Reviews

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Boost Review Rates

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Enhanced Social Proof

Pricing & Plans

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All our plans have the same level of performance and functionality. All plans benefit from updates and have access to our support.

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FAQ content

What is Cronum: Smile Score?
Cronum: Smile Score is a unique Shopify app allowing customers to leave product reviews using emojis, creating a modern and engaging feedback experience.

How easy is it to integrate Cronum: Smile Score with my Shopify store?
Super easy! Just click ‘install’, authorize the costs, and the app automatically integrates with your shop. Afterward, you might want to fine-tune the configuration, but that’s more of a ‘nice-to-have’.

Do I need to do any coding to add the app to my product page?
Not at all! While you’ll need to add the appropriate block to your product page theme, it’s as simple as adding any other block or section, all with a click of a button.

How does Cronum: Smile Score affect my store’s loading speed?
Cronum: Smile Score uses metafields, ensuring super-fast loading. These are stored directly on Shopify’s servers, drastically reducing load times. We’ve noted no impact on page speed.

Is there a trial period for Cronum: Smile Score?
Yes, enjoy a 14-day free trial to explore and enjoy all the features without any cost.

How are review emails sent to my customers?
For email dispatch, we leverage Shopify’s template. This means emails come directly from your Shopify store, ensuring they don’t end up in spam and maintaining consistent branding with your other store communications. Plus, adjusting the template is a breeze right within Shopify.

What about the security and storage of my customers’ data?
Your security is paramount. The app runs on European servers, and we treat all data with strict confidentiality. Importantly, we don’t store any sensitive customer data, so there are zero data privacy concerns.

Is there an option to export the emoji reviews data?
Currently, we do not offer an export function for emoji reviews.

Can I customize which emojis are available for reviews?
Yes! While the emoji designs are standard, you can choose which ones are available for your customers.

Do you offer customer support for Cronum: Smile Score?
Certainly! Our dedicated support team is here to assist with any queries or issues.

Do you want to help us make our app even better?

We would be very happy to receive your feedback!

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